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Printing Solutions

Whether you need to track materials through your facility or through your supply chain, ETPL has the solution to provide accurate, end-to-end identification. Our Zebra printers and labels stand up to extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, shock, and vibration of industrial environments. Optimize your production and information flows with bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) smart label solutions that provide the information you need for materials management, work-in-process tracking, quality control, and product identification.
Set yourself apart from the competition by using AIDC technology to streamline operations, increase sales, and cut costs.

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Printing Applications

No matter what your printing application, ETPL can deliver a solution that fits your needs. Our products are used in thousands of different ways every day, so we can help you define the right solution for your application quickly and easily.

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Shrinkage solution

Shoplifters steal more than US$10 billion a year from U.S. retailers.

According to the University of Florida's 2003 National Retail Security Survey, the average shoplifting dollar loss is US$265.30 per incident—a significant increase over the previous year's average of US$207.18 per incident. European retailers surveyed by the Centre for Retail Research for its European Retail Theft Barometer see customer theft as their greatest security problem, accounting for 48% of their total losses annually. Worldwide, shoplifting means lost sales, higher inventory costs, and tighter margins—all of which can be disastrous in today's increasingly competitive marketplace.
Shrinkage solution
Fortunately, retailers CAN stop shoplifters and cut shrink.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems have been proven to protect your merchandise against shoplifters. Small security tags, applied to high-theft merchandise, alert retailers when shoplifters try to take stolen items through electronic sensors at exit doors.
Checkpoint raises traditional retail merchandising technologies to new heights

Today's consumers are in a hurry. They want pricing and promotional information at a glance. And they want fast, efficient service. Give your customers what they want, with Checkpoint's complete range of cost-effective retail merchandising solutions, including:

Fully Integrated Tags (F.I.T.)

Conventional and electronic signage

Automated promotional display monitoring

Secure merchandising solutions

Checkpoint's retail merchandising solutions are ideal for food retailers, DIY and other non-food retail environments that rely heavily on in-store promotion of a wide range of products. They also fit the bill for small to medium-sized retailers who don't need or can't afford proprietary or fully customized merchandising materials. With Checkpoint, you can have quality and cost savings.
Retail Advantage
To work together to expand the growing infrastructure of radio frequency-based solutions to enhance every facet of supply chain management, from manufacturing to warehousing and distribution to the retail sales floor. We support RF as a superior technology for such supply chain applications as electronic article surveillance (EAS), source tagging and auto-ID. We support widespread implementation of these and other RF applications in order to maximize the impact of the many advantages that this technology delivers.
Retail Advantage
By sharing strategies and successes, workshop participants are taking a leadership role in addressing retail business challenges. By sharing their collective knowledge and experience, they help their respective companies increase profits through controlled shrinkage, stronger sales and greater operational efficiencies.
Brand Protection
Brand Protection
Trust your brand to Checkpoint Your brand integrity is under attack. Counterfeiting, diversion, product tampering and overruns are on the rise. Common targets include clothing, software, CDs/DVDs, pharmaceuticals, wine and spirits, and toys. Clothing and footwear are particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting; an estimated $3 billion to $6 billion worth of contraband clothing enters the United States each year. Clothing is the third-largest category of illegal imports, behind media and electronic devices.

Retailers and manufacturers pay a price in lost sales and damage to the brand image. Consumers are cheated or—in the case of counterfeit pharmaceuticals—in harm’s way.
Brand owners fight back with Checkpoint’s Uniquely Yours™ brand protection system

Whether you need a simple authentication application or a complex track-and-trace system, Checkpoint will customize a turnkey solution to meet your requirements. Checkpoint incorporates security technologies into your tags and labels—and we provide services to monitor your brands on the Web and in retail stores.
Source Tagging
Streamline your supply chain with single-source convenience

Count on Checkpoint for all your source tagging needs. From shipping labels to RF electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags to custom packaging or price tickets with integrated security, Checkpoint offers the cost advantages and convenience of dealing with a single provider for all your labeling and source tagging requirements. Some of the world’s best-known brands trust Checkpoint to help them provide floor-ready, secured consumer packaged goods and apparel

Source Tagging
Integrated EAS Tags
Integrated EAS Tags
Checkpoint source tagging is superior for soft goods

In today's fast-paced apparel marketplace, the time between identifying fashion trends and placing them on the retail floor has been reduced to weeks instead of months. Checkpoint source tagging provides retailers with floor-ready merchandise that is protected against shoplifting and internal theft. Garments can be displayed openly—without chains or locked displays—to improve self-service and encourage sales. Hidden tags keep would-be shoplifters guessing and minimize employee theft. Labor costs are contained, as the security function is integrated with existing retail operations.

Checkpoint's low-cost, disposable RF source tags protect everything from apparel to leather goods and other accessories. Lightweight, paper-thin Checkpoint circuits can be integrated seamlessly into apparel ticket formats of all types.

Custom Tags & Labels
Enjoy complete design freedom for your hangtags
Checkpoint understands the value of your brand identity. We can provide apparel hangtags—with or without integrated RF EAS circuits—that meet all requirements for coded information while providing an attractive presentation that communicates your company’s image.
Maximize flexibility with eye-catching multi-functional tags
By integrating brand identification with pricing and inventory control tickets and/or EAS source tagging, you eliminate the need for multiple tags and allow more efficient and accurate item identification. We can produce tags on a wide variety of materials, so you have an endless array of design possibilities.
Thermal Transfer Wax Resin Ribbons
Custom labels conform to your way of doing business
Maybe you need a label for distribution center logistics or merchandise return. Or you need a tag for a certain type of product. Whatever your special requirements, Checkpoint's expert label consultants can design a custom tag or label to meet them.
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